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About the Author

Allie is the co-author of “I Love the Red Sox, I Hate the Yankees” and “How the Red Sox Explain New England.” By day, he is an elementary school teacher who shares his love for writing, reading, and baseball with his students. He lives with his wife Shira and kids right in the middle of the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry. Details from his visits to two dozen major league stadiums can be found on his blog His many trips include a visit to Olympic Stadium to see his beloved Milwaukee Brewers play the Montreal Expos. He hopes to one day return baseball to Montreal so his website can become obsolete.
Allie’s hatred for the Yankees most likely started when he was snubbed by Lou Piniella at Yankee Stadium for an autograph. However the moment was saved when Hall of Famer Jim Rice interjected and signed his scorecard.
His love for baseball is directly attributed to his parents, Diane and Ralph. They frequently took the family to the ballpark, while his dad introduced him to Cadaco All-Star Baseball and APBA. Allie and his dad are frequent competitors these days on Allie owns an extensive collection of Milwaukee Brewers memorabilia. His baseball card collection includes rookie cards of Robin Yount, Kirby Puckett, and a signed Little League card by an eight-year old Mark Zuckerberg. Allie is a successful elementary school girls’ basketball coach who has won seven New Rochelle City championships. He spent three years as an assistant coach and statistician for the New Rochelle High School Varsity Baseball team. Allie looks forward to bringing his growing family on annual trips to Fenway Park and Citizens Bank Ballpark.


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