Charlie Bousculer Presents

Spos Propose

On July 21, 1969 with Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins in attendance, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. However, just weeks earlier in front of 29,184 fans Hall of Famer Lou Brock was the first Major Leaguer to step into the batters box outside of the United States. Thus began the Montreal Expos baseball roller coaster ride which like the United States space program is now relegated to defunct status.

The Montreal Expos began in 1969 when Maury Wills logged in the first plate appearance in team history. Wills would strike out in the franchise-opening victory over the New York Mets, but 619 major leaguers would don the Expos uniform before Endy Chavez would ground out in the 2004 final Expos at-bat (against the Mets as well). In between Wills and Chavez there would be plenty of all-stars, a fair share of Hall of Famers, and the right amount of heartache to go with the bitter pill of the franchise relocation to Washington D.C.

Gary Carter and Andre Dawson,  Expos teammates for nine seasons and Cooperstown immortals. Tony Perez, another Hall of Famer who spent three seasons with the ‘Spos. Many more Cooperstown plaques could bear the Montreal Expos name in the coming decade as Tim Raines, Pedro Martinez, Larry Walker, Randy Jonhson, Vladimir Guerrero, and Lee Smith receive votes. The Montreal baseball legacy lives on well into the second decade of the 21st century. Twenty former Expos saw action in the 2011 MLB season.

It’s amazing to think anyone born near the turn of the century most likely has no recollection of the Montreal Expos. Any connection to the team is certainly not through the help of Washington Nationals who not only turned their back on the franchise history but sold off Youpii! to the Montreal Canadiens.  If someone is interested in the Expos rich history they need to dust off the old baseball cards, dig through old baseball record books in the attic, sift through the few results from a google search, or just turn the page of this books love letter to the MLB’s lost French-Canadian Franchise. Along the way we will look at the team’s origins (1968-1969) and glory days (1979-1983), dissect the what-ifs of 1994, view the colorful personalities who wore the red, white, and Expos blue, and celebrate the Expos who remain in the game. We will also shine a light on Montreal and Canada’s history of baseball, taking a look at the Montreal Royals and the 200 + players born in Canada. Speaking of those 620 Montreal Expos we promise to fit them all into the story in a meaningful and appreciative way.


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