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Last Expo Standing!

In Last Expo Standing on August 9, 2010 at 1:17 am

Youpii, the Mona Lisa of Mascots!

Soon after the turn of the century it became clear that the Montreal Expos were on the endangered species list. With time winding down a trip to Olympic Stadium seemed necessary. Finding an opportunity to visit while my team, the Brewers, were in town was fortunate. It was 2001, Vlad was still with the Spos so it seemed like a good way to kill a few days by driving straight up from our suburbs of NYC to Montreal in less than seven hours. The stadium was ours! My memory seems to recollect that the entire section behind home where we sat was empty which made running to see Youpii in leftfield that much easier. I’ve always had an affinity for the Montreal club, maybe it was their underdog status, near misses (’81), star players (The Kid, The Rock, The Hawk, Ellis Valentine!), or 19 bleepin 94. By 2005, D.C. came calling and the Expos were no longer. The roster moved south with the color scheme and as times passes the Nats are slowly erasing any shred of Expos history. However, on this site we will count down to the Last Expo Standing in Major League Baseball history. Right now there are close to two dozen spread across the league, but as the seasons wane on only one will survive!